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Front-loading washing machine Panasonic NA-148VG (8.0kg)

Trademark: Panasonic

Product Code: NA-148VG






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Thông tin chi tiết

The basic function of the washing machine Panasonic NA-148VG (8.0kg) 

Sensor Technology Econavi: 
Sensors amount of laundry: Thanks to features laundry sensor output, the machine will automatically adjust the amount of water used when less amount of laundry at the laundry or the increased volume, the machine will be adjusted to more suitable water saving water at optimum levels. 
Water temperature sensor: Washer features Econavi with water temperature sensor adjusts wash time plays fast and consistent water temperature using 
Technical Inverter (new) & The Hydroactive: 
Based on the sensor installed in the washing machine, inverter circuit and changing the rotation speed of the motor power washer to clean clothes that completely. This clever technology also ensures efficient power saving superior. 
Complete functionality by adding an energy-saving advantages other Hydroactive +, using 5 water spray from all directions to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. The jet washing powder dissolves quickly, easily penetrates the fibers and shorten the time and discharge. Washing clothes are cleaner but washing time is shortened and power savings. 
Technology three-dimensional sensor cleaning: 
Sensor 3D motion analysis of cage cleaning on all sides, and adjust the motor speed to achieve optimal effectiveness wash. 
Drum waveform design: 
An innovative new design from Panasonic, drum waveform to be shaped like the face of undulating water - ideal for uneven jar shake all the dirt but gentle with clothes. The well-rounded edges shape not only helps with cleaning cages at the drain, reducing impact than the old model, but also avoid clothes caught. In addition, this structure allows rotation speed wringing clothes more efficiently. 
Quiet operation: 
Panasonic made ​​a specially designed "Silent Arch", is embossed lines arc shape on 2 sides of the wall 2 washing machines, effectively absorb sound emits when commissioning, helping minimize vibration and unpleasant noise. 
Saving mode cleaning / laundry faster: 
Quick cleaning mode (Speed ​​Wash) to shorten cleaning time compared to the laundry mode (Normal Wash). Washing saving mode (Eco Wash) power and water saving washing time is increased a little to wash clothes thoroughly. 
16 washing programs: 
Picnic, easy cleaning cloth, Quick Wash (15 minutes), memory mode, Toys thick, woolen fabrics, blankets, Cotton, Shirt, For Sensitive Skin, Cold Wash, Rinse cotton, Sportswear, Wash in 50 minutes, slightly Wash, Wash colored clothing. 
Basic Specifications of Panasonic NA-148VG washing machine (8.0kg) 
Dimensions (W x D x H) 596 x 594 x 845 mm 
Wash Volume 8 kg 
Squeezed spin speed 1400 rpm / min 
Power Save Level * 1 A +++ 
Electrical Energy Use (kWh / washing time) 0,68kWh 
Disconnect Auto Electrical (Auto Power Off) Yes 
Save Water Efficient water use (liters / wash time) * 2 50 liters 
Special Benefits ECONAVI Smart Sensor It 
The amount of Dynamics Sensor Wash It 
Motor and Inverter 
Brushless DC Motor 
Number rays Water (HydroActive +) 5 
Tech Wash Sensor 3 Dimensional 
Alternate Pump Water There 
Sensor Foam Soap 
There Balanced Sensor 
Laundry Cages Laundry Cages Design Body Wave 
Body Design Machine Design Arc Noise Reduction 
LED Display Monitor 
There Laundry Time Romance 
Safety Lock Yes 
Washing Program Program Number 16 
Go Squeeze Speed ​​(Optional) 5 (500-1400) 
Water Temperature (Optional) Temperatures usually ~ 90 ° C 
Eco Wash Program Program / ​​Speed ​​(Save / Quick Wash) Yes 
Enhancing Shampoo Soap 
Soak Yes Wash Programs 
There Comforter Program Helps Ease 
Safety Features Anti Leak Water There 
Alert Ends There 
* Due to product improvement, specifications are subject to change without prior notice 
* 1 Based on Indicators 2010/30 / EU 
* 2 Based on EN60456