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Panasonic Air Conditioners CU / CS-TS24PKH-8 (2.5HP) inverter, Refrigerant R410A

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Features: Air Conditioners Panasonic CU / CS-TS24PKH-8 (2.5HP = 2.5 horse) inverter, R410A Refrigerant, air conditioners Panasonic wall power saving cooling a luxury ECONAVI & NANOE-G model 2013 

Panasonic Inverter air conditioning (air conditioning electricity savings Panasonic) delivers remarkable power savings while still maintaining a pleasant feeling. At startup, air conditioning operating at maximum capacity to quickly reach the set temperature. After reaching the set temperature, reducing air conditioning cooling capacity sufficient to maintain that temperature. 
- Air conditioner not use inverter technology running at a constant speed that takes more electricity to maintain the set temperature. Accordingly, the air temperature maintained by refrigeration compressor ON and OFF several times repeatedly. This makes for some larger temperature changes, resulting in wasted power consumption than the power saving inverter air. 
- Panasonic Inverter air conditioning (air conditioning electricity savings Panasonic) continually adjusts compressor rotation speed of the cold. This brings the ability to control high precision in order to maintain a set temperature stable. 
- Unlike conventional air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity, air conditioning electricity savings of Panasonic Inverter reducing cooling power consumption, saves 49% power consumption compared to conventional air conditioning has the same productivity. 
Air Purification System Nanoe-G Air Conditioning Panasonic smart power saving inverter incorporates a new air filtration system Nanoe-G, using tiny particles including ions and radicals particle filter to clean the air in the room . This air filter system effectively eliminates the element of air and adhesive elements such as bacteria, viruses and mold, providing a cleaner living environment. 
Econavi sensor with sensor smart eco Panasonic inverter air through 4 elements to monitor and reduce energy consumption compared with conventional air conditioning and power. The function of Econavi of Panasonic Intelligent Inverter air conditioning 
Feature detection sunlight intensity air power saving Econavi Panasonic monitor changes in light intensity sunlight into the room and determined sunny or cloudy / night and reduce power consumption when cooling in low sunlight. 
Detecting regional smart Panasonic inverter air Econavi monitoring the movement of people in the room and reduces cooling power waste no area. 
Detect activity level power-saving air conditioning Panasonic Econavi intelligent monitoring changes in activity levels and reduce power waste cooling unnecessary. 
Probe has no air conditioning inverter Panasonic Smart Econavi no supervision in the room and reduce power consumption by cooling an empty room. 
Autocomfort sensor of a Panasonic air conditioning intelligent mode other activities designed to bring comfort and help you save energy when there is no need to press the button equipment.For refrigeration, air conditioning will determine the conditions in the room and optimize power saving mode and easy chiu.Dieu cooling means that you can not only enjoy the same function as ECONAVI but more comfortable feeling. 
Cooling of air dried not smart power saving Panasonic: Based on the test results decline moisture on the skin, Prof. Norio Isoda School Girls Nara asserted high humidity environment will help strengthen the moisture on the skin than the low-humidity environment (the difference between 10% humidity or higher). The precise temperature control helps prevent a rapid decrease in room humidity while maintaining the set temperature. Thus, not dry cooling mode reduces the phenomenon of dry skin and sore throat which is a consequence of the normal cooling mode. 
Super quiet mode operation: Just press the "quiet" to reduce the noise level of the block in the 3dB.Chuc add this to fit in the room when she is sleeping & at night. 
Rapid cooling modes: Air conditioner Panasonic smart cooling rooms can more quickly, allowing the temperature to reach faster to install air 1.5 times the normal sovoi 
Seamless blue heatsink: Seamless radiator must be able to resist corrosion from air, rain and other factors. Panasonic inverter air conditioning did improve the longevity of the radiator frame with 3 times more corrosion resistant coating unique. 
  Specifications: Air conditioner Panasonic CU / CS-inverter model TS24PKH-8 2013 
  Power supply: 220V-240V, 1 phase, 50Hz 
Power Level: Level at indoor unit 
Rated current: 8.9 (A) 
Cooling Capacity: 23,200 (Btu / h) - 6.8 (Kw) 
Electrical power consumption: 330 to 2.220 (W) 
Cooling Efficiency (EER): 3.2 (W / W) 
Hygroscopic: 3.3 L / h 
Air flow rate: 17.7 m3 / min 
Size: Indoor unit (H x W x D): 290 x 1070 x 240 
                    The outdoor unit (H x W x D): 695 x 875 x 320 
Weight: 12 kg Indoor, Outdoor 44 kg 
Gas pipe sizes: 6.35mm / 15.88mm (with insulation) 
Refrigerant type: R410A Dupont Honeywell 
Standard pipe length: 10m 
The maximum pipe length: 20m 
The maximum height difference: 15m 
The amount of refrigerant should be added: 20g / m 
Test conditions measurements freezer wall Panasonic CU / CS-TS24PKH-8 (2.5HP) cooling capacity 6.8kW inverter, R410A Refrigerant, Refrigeration Cheap genuine Panasonic 
- Cooling Capacity Each day cheap Panasonic air conditioning applications: With 27oCDB room temperature, 19oCWB; 35oCDB outdoor temperature, equivalent piping length of 10m 
- Noise Panasonic Cheap air based on temperature conditions as tren.Day the converted value in the absence of severe am.Trong actual operation process freezer cheap smart Panasonic may be higher due effects of ambient conditions. 
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Conditioners Panasonic CU / CS-TS24PKH-8 inverter wall mounted air conditioner Panasonic CU / CS-TS24PKH-8 Summit KLUBER Suniso Honeywell inverter Dupont 
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